Details within the Sequential Liability Act (WKA)

Here you will find a data list within the Sequential Liability Act (WKA) concerning the companies you might get in touch with. 

Oranjeflex B.V.

IBAN NL28 ABNA 0614 9278 70
G account   NL16 ABNA 0994 1203 89
VAT. NO  NL8106.06.914.B01
TRADE REG. no.  24331944

Oranjebuild B.V.

IBAN NL58 ABNA 0614 9549 75
G account  NL56 ABNA 0994 1214 15
VAT. NO  NL8107.29.842.B01
TRADE REG. no.  24333037

Oranje Engineering B.V.

IBAN NL35 ABNA 0614 9587 84
G account  NL35 ABNA 0995 0304 72
VAT. NO  NL8106.50.186.B01
TRADE REG. no.  2433036

Oranje Eemland B.V.

IBAN  NL20 ABNA 0614 9495 48
VAT. NO  NL8118.88.848.B01
TRADE REG.  NO.  24347532

Oranjegroep Services d.o.o.

VAT. NO 854.109.730
TRADE REG. no. 60898615

Oranjegroep Services S.R.L.

VAT. NO 857.769.091
G account  NL06 ABNA 0994 1935 13
TRADE REG. no. 69177570

Oranjegroep Contracting S.R.L.

VAT. NO 857.792.623
TRADE REG. no. 69229252

Oranjegroep Polska SP.Z.O.O.

VAT. NO 858.710.560
G account  NL79 ABNA 0994 1988 92
TRADE REG. no. 71425055

Oranjegroep Portugal Construção unipessoal LDA

IBAN  PT50003508090001487983026



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