Construction worker

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As a construction worker, you are our technician who is involved in the manufacture and assembly of metal structures. This may concern complete constructions and/or construction parts.


  • Fun and challenging projects throughout the Netherlands
  • Continuity
  • Competitive salary


  • Fabricating (parts of) metal constructions on the basis of work orders and drawings, both in factories and on project locations of the client(s)
  • Performing deforming, connecting and separating operations using various tools and machines, for example sawing machines, press brakes, welding machines and punching machines
  • Finishing metal constructions mechanically (e.g. grinding, brushing or sanding) or chemically (pickling, passivation, degreasing)

What is expected of you?

  • Education (MBO) Metal or comparable
  • Demonstrable and relevant work experience
  • VCA-B or VCA-VOL
  • Having additional diplomas and/or welding certificates is an advantage
City Rotterdam

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