Are you a freelancer without employees, a supplier or user company and you have to issue an invoice to us? Please send us the invoice by mail, in PDF format. Specify clearly in the e-mail subject that there is an invoice in question. The invoice can be sent to one of the companies below.

You can also send us an e-mail, directly to:

Do you have any doubts concerning the company you have to invoice, or regarding the services you provided or the product to be invoiced? Verify your contract or ask your contact person. After all, it’s important that your invoice be sent to the right company. The name “Oranjegroep” (Oranje Group) is a generic collective name, it’s not an actual company. The invoices sent to “Oranjegroep” will not be recognised by the system and they will not be processed. We cannot offer any guarantees that we will process any invoices received any other way than as described above. For questions or observations, you can send us an e-mail to:

Time sheets can be sent to the HR Department, via If you are a freelancer without employees you need to send your time sheets to The hours will be correctly processed only if sent to this inbox. We kindly ask that you mention in the e-mail subject the name of the employee and the week number. In this way, the processing of the hours will made quickly.