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Are you a 1st engineer scaffolding looking for fun and challenging projects to work on?

[contactId:protected] => [contactName:protected] => Andreea Tudor [contactEmail:protected] => [contactPhone:protected] => +31645345690 [contactPhoneAlt:protected] => +31645345690 [contactImage:protected] => [hours:protected] => [salary:protected] => [salaryMinimum:protected] => 680.00 [salaryMaximum:protected] => 850.00 [salaryType:protected] => week [worktime:protected] => [offers:protected] =>
  • A competitive salary, depending on your work experience
  • Good primary and secondary conditions
  • Opportunities to obtain (relevant) certificates
  • Long-term projects at leading locations and at top companies in The Netherlands and Belgium
  • We offer good accommodations (one person a room)
[demands:protected] =>
  • Demonstrable experience, sense of responsibility, discipline and safety awareness
  • Certificate 1st engineer scaffolding (formerly Scaffolder B) - DNV-GL
  • In possession of a valid VCA-VOL
  • You can read drawings and have constructive insight
  • Be able to communicate in English
[description:protected] =>

The 1st engineer scaffolding independently assembles and disassembles simple and complex scaffolding. In addition, you organize the daily work of colleagues, you are a real team player. He works accurately and has specific knowledge of different types of scaffolding, structures and materials.

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  • Prepares assembly work
  • Places material at work and sets foundation
  • Assembles and disassembles scaffolding or support structures
  • Repairs imperfections
  • Tidies up the workplace

Prva inženjerska skela


Prva inženjerska skela

07-001-2030B 20142 times Antwerpen


1. inženjerska skela samostalno sastavlja i rastavlja jednostavnu i složenu skelu. Uz to, organizirate svakodnevni rad kolega, pravi ste timski igrač. Radi precizno i ​​ima specifična znanja o različitim vrstama skela, konstrukcija i materijala.

What we offer you

  • Zabavni i izazovni projekti diljem Nizozemske
  • Kontinuitet
  • Konkurentska plaća

What will you do

  • Priprema montažne radove
  • Postavlja materijal na posao i postavlja temelje
  • Sastavlja i rastavlja skele ili potporne konstrukcije
  • Sanira nedostatke
  • Uređuje radno mjesto

What is expected of you

  • Pokazno iskustvo, osjećaj odgovornosti, disciplina i svijest o sigurnosti
  • Certifikat 1. inženjerska skela (nekada Skela B) - DNV-GL
  • U posjedu važećeg VCA-VOL
  • Možete čitati crteže i imati konstruktivan uvid
  • Znati komunicirati na engleskom jeziku
City Antwerpen

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