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Are you an electrical engineer looking for great, challenging projects to work on?

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  • A competitive salary, depending on your work experience
  • Good primary and secondary conditions
  • Opportunities to obtain (relevant) certificates
  • Long-term projects at leading locations and at top companies in The Netherlands and Belgium
  • We offer good accommodations (one person a room)
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  • NEN 3140 / ATEX certificate or willing to collect via Oranjegroep
  • VCA (basic or FULL) or prepare to get it through Oranjegroep
  • CMP / HAWKE cable glands certificate or willing to collect via Oranjegroep
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As an electrician industry, your work area is the construction and maintenance of industrial electrical installations on various projects of Oranjegroep. Depending on the training, knowledge and experience, you will work, for example, on engines, electrical tracing and instrumentation. The electrician industry translates drawings / P & IDs into the implementation.

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  • Perform LRMA daily before you start
  • Install and connect process-related installations
  • Connecting junction boxes and multicore
  • Connecting MCC cabinets and heat tracing
  • Testing cables

Elektrotehničar industrija


Elektrotehničar industrija

02-001-3016 21143 times Rotterdam


Kao elektrotehničar u industriji, vaše je radno područje izgradnja i održavanje industrijskih električnih instalacija na raznim projektima. Ovisno o obuci, znanju i iskustvu, radit ćete, primjerice, na motorima, električnom traganju i instrumentima. Elektrotehnička industrija prevodi crteže / P & ID-ove u provedbu.

What we offer you

  • Zabavni, izazovni projekti diljem Nizozemske
  • Kontinuitet
  • Konkurentska plaća

What will you do

  • Izvodite LRMA (Last Minute Risk Analysis) svaki dan prije nego što započnete
  • Instalirajte i povežite instalacije povezane s procesima
  • Spojne razvodne kutije i višežilni
  • Spajanje MCC ormara i traženje topline
  • Ispitivanje i opljačkavanje kabela

What is expected of you

  • NEN 3140 / ATEX certifikat ili voljan naplatiti putem Oranjegroep-a
  • VCA (B ili VOL) ili se pripremite za prolazak kroz Oranjegroep
  • Certifikat za kabelske uvodnice CMP / HAWKE ili želite preuzeti putem Oranjegroep-a
City Rotterdam

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