A horizon of opportunities

As a CRAFTER, you are not bound to the workplace. As a professional, you first of all want to get involved in the most fascinating projects. Wherever they are. Because that’s how you broaden your horizon.

That’s why we pursue opportunities. And capitalize on them. For our customers, for us and for you: our CRAFTER.

A CRAFTERs agent

Because ORANJEGROEP is quite different from a regular recruitment agency – for example a secondment agency, a temporary employment agency or a (digital) platform – we are not comfortable with these names. We see each other rather as an agent of the best CRAFTERS. You do your job and we will do the rest. From accommodation & transport to professional training, but also friendly advice. Because every talent deserves the highest level of care and support, so that you can focus on what you do best: practicing your profession.

Do you want to be a craftER?

Would you like to work in construction and engineering, but you haven’t found the ideal job for you?
Leave us your contact details and your Resume and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!

Working at ORANJEGROEP means

Access to the most exciting and interesting projects

Attractive salary, always paid on time

Constant and long-term work due to the great diversity of projects

All the space you need in order to focus on your profession. We are your agent and we will do the rest

Your development as professional by collaborating with more than 2500 other CRAFTERS

The possibility to participate in trainings and get your certifications

If you come from abroad, we provide accommodation, transport and other facilities

Working for a reliable employer who has kept its promises for more than 20 years